20 Aug 18

Older workers and a thriving business - Presented by the AAG Glenda Powell Travelling Fellow 2018

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Monday 20th August 2018 -
Ship Inn in, Brisbane

Older workers and a thriving business

Presented by:

Professor Philip Taylor the AAG Glenda Powell Travelling Fellow 2018

Australians are living longer, and as such, people are seeking to stay in the workforce longer. The Australian Human Rights Commission found 27 per cent of Australians aged 50 and over reported experiencing some form of age discrimination in the workplace during the past two years, rising to 32 per cent for those aged 60 to 64. Research indicates that there is interest among employers in how to better manage their older workers.

Many employers assume that once people reach a certain age they’re no longer interested in working, or don’t have the skills to contribute. However, these experienced workers are a largely untapped resource for businesses and many older people are frustrated that they are no longer given opportunities.

Hear the latest trends, ideas, and emerging issues, while you network with businesses and employers, workers, and researchers. This event is being run in collaboration with Council on the Ageing (COTA) Queensland.

About our Speaker

Professor Philip Taylor holds professorial positions with Federation University Australia and The University of Melbourne and is a research fellow in think tank Per Capita’s Centre for Applied Policy for Positive Ageing (CAPPA).
Philip has almost 30 years of experience as an expert researcher, policy writer and governmental and NGO advisor on workforce ageing. His interests include individual orientation to work and retirement, employer behaviour towards older workers and international development in public policy aimed at extending working life.
He leads a major program of research on ageing workforces and has a strong national and international reputation in the field. His high professional standing stems from his strong publication record, the influence of his work on national and international public policy, frequent invited addresses to major national and international conferences and symposia, membership of national and international committees concerned with the implications of workforce ageing, his leading role in Australian and international research groups, and work with public bodies both in Australia and overseas.

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Event Date & Time: Mon 20 August 2018

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