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Student and Early Career Group (SECG)

The AAG Student and Early Career Group (SECG) provides a forum for newcomers to gerontology and associated fields to share their professional and personal experiences and achievements in ageing-related work or study.

A quarter of the AAG’s total membership is made up of student and early career members. Through the SECG, under-graduate and post-graduate students come together with researchers, educators, aged care leaders, geriatricians, nurses, allied health professionals, policy makers, advocates for older people and others with expertise in ageing. Members of the community – older people, family members and other consumers – are active participants in many of our events.

Whatever our role, we share a common interest: to improve knowledge and understanding of the many factors that influence and contribute to the experience of ageing. Connecting with fellow members provides an opportunity to tap into a wealth of experience and knowledge from a variety of settings.

Whether you are a student or in the workforce, we invite you to join this group and make the most of this opportunity to:

SECG member benefits:

  • Network with other like-minded colleagues through online communities and targeted events
  • Optimise your participation in educational, professional development and social events at the local and national level
  • Enhance your national and international connections, to share ideas and achievements
  • Apply for members-only awards and grants offered by the AAG
  • Access discounted AAG membership and registration to AAG conferences and events
  • Connect with mid to late career professionals through informal networks and mentoring programs
  • Gain leadership skills and help shape the future of the AAG.

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Our blog:

The SECG’s official blog is an open forum, managed by the SECG Communications group.
Other SECG online network groups are available on Facebook and LinkedIn. Access to these online communities is restricted to SECG members.

Key Contacts for 2018 SECG Working Groups

  • Belinda Cash (acting president)
  • Rachel Ambagtsheer (Professional Development and Events)
    • Shazia Shehzad Abbas
    • Saliu Balogun
    • Samantha Fien
    • Joanne Flavel
    • Leesa Giang
    • Linda McAuliffe
    • Kristy Robson
    • Luna Xu
  • Meg Polacsek (Communications)
    • Janet Maccora
    • Lan Nguyen
    • Nanda Gopal
  • Maria Shialis (Conference Planning)
    • Justine Irving
    • Jo Tropea
    • Amanda Krause
    • Benjamin Okwuofu-Thomas
    • Nicole Ee
    • Kylie Crnek-Georgeson
  • Claudia Meyer (SECG Liaison to the AAG Board)

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