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Asia-Oceania Region Ageing Research and Education SIG

The Ageing Research and Education in the Asia-Oceania Region Special Interest Group (SIG) was established by the AAG Council in early 2012.

The setting up this SIG has been stimulated by recognition of the value of forming a network among researchers in Australia who are carrying out research in ageing in Asian countries and elsewhere in Oceania, principally New Zealand, including students from these countries who are based in Australia. Research into ageing in Asian communities in Australia provides a bridge to the international network.

The main objectives of the SIG are to:

  • Facilitate exchanges between members of the AAG who have an interest in and are involved in research and education in any aspect of ageing in Asia;
  • Connect researchers and educators in Asian countries who are seeking opportunities for collaboration with their counterparts in Australia;
  • Enhance the role of the AAG in the region through liaison with national gerontology associations in the Asia-Oceania Region and the International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics.

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