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RM Gibson Research Fund - 2018 Call for Grant Applications

The overall purpose of the RM Gibson Research Fund is to encourage high quality and innovative research from newer researchers in the fields of ageing across all disciplines of gerontology. Grants from the RM Gibson Research Fund are awarded on a competitive basis and applications are assessed by the Scientific Committee on scientific merit and in accordance with specified criteria.

The RM Gibson Research Fund will distribute three(3) grants of up to $5000* for cutting edge research projects in 2018 (*based on the interest of the RM Gibson capital base).

The window for 2018 applications has now closed.

The Assessment Committee are currently reviewing the applications received.

Key Dates: Submitting an application:
Applications open: 1 Feb 2018 View the Grant Application Guidelines
Applications close: 30 Apr 2018 Download a Grant Application Form


Lodging your Application:

1. Note applications are not to exceed 12 pages:

  • 6 pages in this form
  • Attachment 1: CV, up to 2 pages; and
  • Attachment 2: responses to items 11 to 14, up to 4 pages
  • Does not include the application cover sheet
  • Ethics Committee documentation is not included in these 12 pages and is the only exception allowed. Pages in excess of 12 pages will be removed.

2. Combine all documents (cover sheet, application form, attachments 1 and 2) into one pdf file and name it in the format “First name_Last name_title of project”.

Submit your application and upload your combined pdf document.


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