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International Longetvity Centre - Australia (ILC-AU) - Membership

Lead organisation

AAG is the lead organisation for administrative purposes.

ILC-AU provides:

  • A point of contact for all member organisations.
  • Collation and dissemination of communication from the ILC Global Alliance (ILC-GA) to member organisations.
  • Opportunity for member organisations achievements relevant to the vision and mission to be distributed internationally via ILC-GA networks.
  • Exclusive use of ILC–AU logo for member organizations.
  • A collaborative equitable and collegiate environment for ILC-AU activities.

Member organisations:

  • Will participate in meetings and ILC-AU dialogue.
  • Pay the Annual Membership fee ($1,500 ex GST).
  • Provide a collaborative equitable and collegiate environment for ILC-AU activities as noted.
  • Actively contribute to the ILC-AU activities.

New members

  • Memberships are organisational, not individual.
  • New memberships to be considered in March/April meeting annually.
  • Members have to meet membership criteria, be approved by ILC-AU Executive Committee, and pay annual fee.
  • ILC-AU Executive Committee is comprised of all representative members, voting is available by email or within meeting.

Admission and eligibility criteria

  • An institution or department, division can apply for membership of ILC-AU.

Applications will be evaluated by the ILC-AU Executive Committee on:

  • Scientific and technical reputation and leadership.
  • Capability and availability to contribute to ILC-AU agenda.


Admission to membership will be decided by a vote of the full membership of the ILC-AU.

(last updated 21 Sep 2016)

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