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Gary Andrews International Fellow

The Gary Andrews International Fellow Address honours the life and contribution that Professor Gary Andrews made to gerontology and geriatrics in Australia and overseas.

Gary sadly left us in 2006, long before his time. He was one of the best known gerontologists in Australia. His generous and important contributions encouraged the expansion of knowledge about ageing; to his profession; and to the development of AAG. Gary combined, as few others have, a life-long commitment to research, education, teaching and practice in gerontology.

Gary’s personal involvement with gerontology and geriatric medicine extended back for close to 50 years. In addition to being the Founding Chair in Community and Geriatric Medicine at Sydney’s Westmead Hospital, and Director and Professor of the Centre for Ageing Studies at Flinders University, Gary was also a founding member of AAG, serving as President from 1995-97.

Gary will be remembered as a champion of gerontology, which he described as “a quest for greater information, knowledge and understanding of just what ageing really is”

What is considered an honour, AAG invites a highly regarded and notable figure of the gerontological community that embodies Gary Andrews' commitment and passion in the field of ageing.

The Gary Andrews International Fellow is invited by AAG to:

  • Present a keynote address at the AAG Conference. Previous Fellows addresses have been thought provoking and stimulated discussion amongst delegates.
  • Present several topics to presentations/ workshops in at least two other Australian states or territories outside where the AAG Conference is being held.
  • Submit an article for The Australasian Journal on Ageing (AJA), AAG’s flagship publication.
  • Have the option to conduct a workshop immediately prior to the AAG Conference and/or hold a Symposia at the Conference with local representatives.

2021 Gary Andrews Fellow - Emeritus Professor University of Tokyo

2020 Gary Andrews Fellow - Professor Michel Poulain, Professor and expert on longevity, Founder of Blue Zones Hotspot (Belgium)

2019 Gary Andrews Fellow - Baroness Sally Greengross International Longevity Centre, UK

2018 Gary Andrews Fellow - Professor Sir Michael Marmot, University College London, UK

2017 Gary Andrews Fellow - Professor Sube Banerjee, University of Sussex, UK

2016 Gary Andrews Fellow - Paul Cann - Chief Executive, Age UK Oxfordshire, UK

2015 Gary Andrews Fellow - Professor Mark Skinner, Trent University, Canada

Previous Gary Andrews International Fellows

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