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The AAG Hot Topic

The purpose of the Hot Topic is to focus on an issue to set a policy, research or education agenda looking forward.
Divisions provide suggestions ideas and the Board selects the Hot Topic.

The Hot Topic is launched annually at the AAG Conference in November.

The Hot Topic provides a focus both for a national policy workshop to produce a position paper, as well as seminars, webinars and events within the AAG in the coming 12 months.

The Glenda Powell Travelling Fellow (GPTF) is based in Australia and selected based on their ability to effectively present on the Hot Topic and visits three divisions over the year that do not overlap with the Gary Andrews Travelling Fellow.

The GPTF is selected by the Board and started in 2014.

The GPTF is selected as soon as possible after the Hot Topic, in order that it can:
• be announced with the Hot Topic at the AAG Conference;
• increase the opportunity for engaging the GPTF from November and throughout the year in the Hot Topic; and
• Provide opportunities for policy initiatives to be developed in collaboration with the GPTF early in the year of the Hot Topic.

The Hot topic for 2017 is " The economic opportunities of an ageing population – how much do we value the golden goose?"

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