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September Update

Appointment of inaugural Commissioner for Senior Victorians to be announced

The Hon. David Davis, Minister for Ageing, will be announcing the appointment of the inaugural Commissioner for Senior Victorians at a function on Thursday 12 September.

This appointment comes from a key recommendation of the Inquiry into Opportunities for Participation of Victorian Seniors, in its report released in August 2012. The AAG Victorian Division prepared several submissions to this Inquiry. In response to the report’s recommendations, the Victorian Government agreed to appoint a Commissioner for Senior Victorians, “who will chair a select Ministerial Advisory Committee and who will report to the Minister for Ageing, already the lead Minister for older people.” (Victorian Government Response to the Inquiry into Opportunities for Participation of Victorian Seniors, Feb. 2013).

The Ministerial Advisory Committee will have a key role in improving coordination of planning for participation of Victorian seniors and advising the Minister for Ageing. The new Commissioner will have the task of leading this Committee to develop a whole of government older persons action plan, amongst other roles.

This is a welcome new appointment and the Commissioner and the Ministerial Advisory Committee should achieve greater coordination of the work of government departments in relation to older people and lead strategic planning to enable the needs and capacities of older Victorians to be effectively promoted and utilized.

We look forward to the announcement of the Commissioner as it will be a key position in Victoria in relation to development of government policy and services to older people, which is an area in which AAG VIC Division will continue to take a strong interest and will potentially be able to work with.

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