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Expanding Knowledge of Ageing since 1964

The Australian Association of Gerontology (AAG) is Australia's peak national body linking professionals working across the multidisciplinary fields of ageing. Since 1964, AAG has connected professionals with an interest in gerontology to help them collaborate and exchange information on ageing. The AAG's goal is to expand knowledge of ageing in order to improve the experience of ageing.

"AAG’s goal is to expand knowledge of ageing in order to improve the experience of ageing"

Members connect through forums, workshops, seminars and conferences, as well as through participation on committees and special interest groups.

The multidisciplinary nature of our association is one of our key strengths.

With over 1000 members across every State and Territory in Australia, our members include geriatricians, academics, researchers, nurses, policy makers, allied health professionals, social workers, consultants and other gerontology specialists.

The AAG is member and sponsor of the National Aged Care Alliance, a representative body of peak national organisations in aged care which seeks to promote a more positive future for aged care in Australia. The AAG is also part of an international network through its membership with the International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics.

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