Policy and advocacy hub

The overarching aim of AAG’s policy and advocacy work is to inform, influence and drive public debate and evidence-based decisions on ageing. We do this by connecting research, policy and practice.

Our work includes internal, external and consultancy-based projects, managed by AAG’s National Office with and on behalf of our members.

AAG submissions

AAG's Policy and Research team leads the co-ordination and development of submissions, policy position statements and other advocacy materials to promote AAG and share policy objectives among members and stakeholders.

Member consultation

AAG invites members and other stakeholders to inform and strengthen our responses to consultations, submissions, policy position statements and other advocacy materials.

Our policy drop-in sessions are designed to discuss current consultation opportunities. Previous areas of focus have included the Final Report of the Aged Care Taskforce, the guidance materials for the Aged Care Quality Standards, and the National Strategic Framework for Chronic Conditions.

We advertise these opportunities in advance.

'Pulse Checks' and 'Buzz Sessions'

Do you have an idea for a project, but don’t know where to start? Are you keen to write a report, conduct an evidence assessment or develop a partnership?

Engage with AAG’s Policy and Research team in a collaborative effort to meet our shared goals. Get in touch at [email protected].

In our first poll, we asked 'How old is too old?'. In our second poll, we had a series of questions about what it means to age well. These polls form part of AAG's work with the Department of Health and Aged Care. We share the results with members on the AAG community platform. 

'Buzz Sessions'

AAG Buzz Sessions are short, focused sessions in which we capture the ideas and insights of our members and key stakeholders, to inform practical, feasible and sustainable innovation in ageing and aged care. In 2023, we held three online sessions, all on Zoom:

#1: Wed 29 Nov at 1 to 2pm - For the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Ageing Advisory Group (ATSIAAG)

#2: Thurs 30 Nov 2023 at 1 to 2pm - open to all members

#3: Fri 1 Dec 2023 at 1 to 2pm - open to all members

AAG reports

Our reports and position statements are based on existing evidence, staff and member expertise, and discussions in various AAG forums.

Other international activities

AAG is proud to be a ‘sister’ organisation to the New Zealand Association of Gerontology