AAG research evidence review approaches

AAG’s purpose is to improve the experience of ageing through connecting research, policy and practice. The policy documents produced by AAG contribute to this purpose while ensuring that the AAG Principles are upheld: Evidence-informed, Multi-disciplinary and holistic, Independent, Collaborative, and Fair (learn more about AAG here).

AAG achieves this collaborative policy development by considering the policy context, professional expertise, practice knowledge (including organisational knowledge), and research evidence where available. Consideration of all of these components provides insight into the experiences of older people. AAG may also engage directly with older people, especially when older people’s experiences, needs and preferences are not captured in through previous work (e.g. policy papers produced by consumer organisations, research informed by older people’s experiences).

This document focusses solely on how we incorporate the research evidence component into AAG policy work.

Overview of AAG research evidence review approaches