What we do

We fund innovative research that aims to improve and optimise the lived experience of ageing, leading to a better understanding of the factors influencing ageing and its optimisation in policy and practice. Through the generosity of donors, AAG Research Trust currently has three annual grant giving program programs:

  • In 2021, an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander focus was established to help to address the lack of knowledge and take action to address cultural, psychological, social, economic and environmental issues amongst First Nation elders and to learn from their strengths.

We collaborate

Through collaboration, our research grants attract and enable AAG members, partners, advocates and other stakeholders to connect and contribute knowledge, insights, data, experience and expertise to transform ageing with evidence-informed amendments and improvements in policy and practice.

Research Priorities

Research areas of interest form part of the knowledge exchange between AAG members and AAG policy makers. The AAG Research Trust Steering Committee utilise this knowledge exchange to help determine research priorities based on the need and impact in society to achieve our purpose.

Priority Area 1

Research that crosses traditional, professional and disciplinary boundaries and that explicitly aims to innovate policy and practice in the broad space of ageing and increased longevity.

Priority Area 2

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community focus for whole-of-person, multidisciplinary research into ageing and increased longevity needs and to learn from their strengths.

Priority Area 3

Seed-fund and incubate innovative research projects and programs.

Priority Area 4

Establish Community Focus Areas in unmet and emerging community needs including climate change.

Priority Area 5

Attract leading and early career researchers to build capacity in ageing research and practice.