Research overview

Warning: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers are warned that this page contains an image of a deceased person


As people move through life, their circumstances inevitably change. Sometimes these transitions occur unexpectedly such as a crisis or disaster, without back up plans or strategies to adapt. Our research helps every Australian to age with dignity and respect, in any type of circumstance.

AAG Research Trust strives to understand the experience of ageing, the personalised needs of older people and how they may be enabled to optimise their experience, including best practice support and care if needed, and how positive, supportive environments and economic and social impact can be fostered across the breadth and diversity of the ageing experience.

Our research findings contribute to the United Nations Decade of Healthy Ageing priorities and advancement of civil society in Australia aligned to global benchmarks and best practices.

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Knowledge exchange drives our research agenda in Australia

Utilising the lived experience of people is central to our research model. The expert and experienced voices of AAG members is our high value social capital that keep our research priorities relevant and responsive. The AAG Research Trust Steering Committee, Grants Committee and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Review Panel, who are responsible for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander community focus, together, create a meaningful and collaborative research environment for positive change.

About our Research grants

AAG Research Trust has three grant giving programs:

  • Strategic Innovation Program, 2022 funding round now closed Click here for further information
  • RM Gibson Program, 2022 funding round now closed Click here for further information
  • Hal Kendig Research Development Program, 2022 funding round open now Click here for further information
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Community focus Click here for further information

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