Purpose, strategic drivers and impact

The purpose of the AAG Research Trust is to stimulate research that improves the experience of ageing through innovation in policy and practice.

Through our grant-giving programs we fund research across the breadth of healthy and adaptive ageing and increased longevity.

Our research addresses social, psychological, legal, health and economic needs throughout the later stages of a person’s life-course to help improve and optimise the lives of ageing Australians.

Research findings contribute to the United Nations Decade of Healthy Ageing priorities and advancement of civil society in Australia. Our research and grant programs and projects are governed by our guiding principles of evidence-informed; multidisciplinary and wholistic; independent; collaborative; and fair.


How do we define healthy and adaptive ageing?

We define healthy and adaptive ageing as a whole of person approach to improve and optimise the lived experience of ageing and enabling individuals and society to realise the benefits of increasing longevity. Healthy and adaptive ageing considerations include not only managing health conditions but, as importantly, having enough money to live on, maintaining social networks, being housed safely and appropriately, and adapting to major social and environmental changes such as climate change.

Australian Association of Gerontology Research Trust (AAG Research Trust) purpose is to provide funds for ‘research relating to, and for furthering the knowledge and understanding of, gerontology’ (Clause 4.1a, Trust Deed for AAG Research Trust).

Our strategic drivers for 2020-23

1. Impact – Build the evidence base for best practice programs and policies

2. Targeted – Address emerging and overlooked areas that are not currently supported

3. Leadership – Invest in researchers, practitioners and thinking that has potential to make a significant difference to the experience of ageing

4. Collaboration – Engage different disciplines, professions and sectors to work across boundaries on shared initiatives

5. Growth – Build and manage the trust funds effectively

Our impact

By investing in ageing research, we will all be better informed to make important decisions affecting Australians across their ageing lifecycle, now and into the future and allow individuals and society to realise the benefits of increasing longevity.

Our impact will be realised when:

  • Innovative research is translated into policy and practice that enables us to address the challenges of ageing and allows us to recognise and celebrate the benefits of living longer and better.
  • More options, opportunities, flexibility and choices are available for older Australians to effectively and efficiently personalise, manage and adapt to life changes and keep safe from environmental harm.