AAG Research Trust Grants Committee

In 2016 the AAG Research Trust established a Grants Committee to set the foundations for best practice management of the grant review process and to provide researchers with opportunities to engage with other AAG members for stewardship and support. Chaired by Prof Julie Byles, the Grants Committee comprises AAG members who generously volunteer their time to review and score research grant applications across the breadth of our grant-giving programs.

Leadership Group

Professor Julie Byles - Grants Committee Chair
University of Newcastle (NSW)

Professor Anne-Marie Hill - RM Gibson Program Lead
University of Western Australia (WA)

Professor Keith Hill - Strategic Innovation Program Lead
Monash University (VIC)

Associate Professor Kate O'Loughlin - Hal Kendig Research Development Program Lead
University of Sydney (NSW)

Dr Ray Mahoney - Chair of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Review Panel
University of Queensland (QLD)

Senior Committee Members (Strategic Innovation, Hal Kendig Research Development and RM Gibson Programs)

Professor Renuka Visvanathan - University of Adelaide (SA)

Associate Professor Anne Tiedemann - University of Sydney (NSW)

Associate Professor Maria Inacio - South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute (SA)

Dr Tim Windsor - Flinders University (SA)

Robin Harvey - Charles Sturt University (VIC)

Dr Judy Lowthian - Bolton Clarke (VIC)

Dr Linda Isherwood - University of Adelaide (SA)

Associate Professor Nola Ries - University of Technology Sydney (NSW)

Dr Kim Kiely - University of New South Wales (NSW)

Dr Reza Kahlaee - University of Sydney (NSW)

Dr Kristie Weir - University of Sydney (NSW)

Dr Elizabeth Lynch - Flinders University (SA)

Mr Nathan D’Cunha - University of Canberra (ACT)

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Review Panel (Strategic Innovation and RM Gibson Programs)

Dr Ray Mahoney (Chair) - University of Queensland (QLD)

Dr Karla Canuto - Flinders University (NT)

Dr Tamara Butler - University of Queensland (QLD)

Nicole Hewlett - Queensland University of Technology (QLD)

Heather D'Antoine - Charles Darwin University (NT)

Professor Anne-Marie Hill (support and advisory role) - University of Western Australia (WA)

Dr Kylie Radford (support and advisory role) - NeuRA/University of New South Wales (NSW)

Development Committee Members (RM Gibson Program)

Dr Claire O’Connor - Hammond Care (NSW)

Dr Emily Reeve - University of South Australia (SA)

Dr Caroline Vafeas - Edith Cowan University (WA)

Dr Claire Hutchinson - Flinders University (SA)

Dr Alison Yaxley - Flinders University (SA)

Dr Belinda Cash - Charles Sturt University (NSW)

Dr Jed Montayre - Western Sydney University (NSW)

Dr Jyoti Khadka - Flinders University (SA)

Dr Katarzyna Lion - Griffith University (QLD)

Dr Kylie Radford - NeuRA/University of New South Wales (NSW)

Dr Laura Tierney - University of Tasmania (TAS)

Dr Monica Cations - Flinders University (SA)

Dr Rita Chang - University of Wollongong (NSW)

Dr Khalatbari Soltani - University of New South Wales (NSW)

Dr Samantha Clune - La Trobe University (NSW)

Linda McAuliffe - La Trobe University (VIC)

Dr Joanne Flavel - Flinders University (SA)

Jane Hwang - University of New South Wales (NSW)

AAG Research Trust Grants Committee Terms of Reference and membership

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