AAG champions evidence-based research, policy and practice in ageing. The AAG Research Trust provides a specific opportunity to fund strategic initiatives and develop research capacity. In this way, we encourage new and experienced researchers and practitioners to develop careers in ageing. 

We open the door to donors who recognise the urgent need to fund knowledge development in areas of ageing that are not well addressed by current research funding. Funds donated to the Research Trust are used for innovative projects that cross traditional, professional and disciplinary boundaries, and explicitly aim to change policy and practice in the broad space of ageing.

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Bequests and gifts in wills

To inform, enable and enjoy longer and healthier lives, we must optimise every opportunity to strengthen research, policy and practice in ageing and aged care. AAG is Australia’s only independent, impartial organisation whose over-arching aim is to improve the experience of ageing by connecting research, policy and practice. Our  strong reputation and decades of success reflect its multidisciplinary nature, the expertise of our team and a judicious use of resources.

Please consider a donation and/or gift to the AAG Research Trust in your will. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss your wishes and show you the valuable work and research being supported by the AAG Research Trust. For more information please contact us at [email protected].


Frequently asked questions


How do I make sure my loved ones don’t miss out?

We understand your loved ones come first. Most of our supporters include a gift to the AAG Research Trust after they have taken care of family and friends. Ask your solicitor or trustee company about the best way for you to do this.

How do I leave a gift to the AAG Research Trust in my will?

You can use the suggested wording outlined below when speaking to your solicitor or trustee company.

How much does including a gift in my will cost?

Writing or updating a will is not as expensive as you might think. Solicitors can provide estimates on request, but the cost will depend on how complex your personal affairs are. You can include a gift to the AAG Research Trust whenever you write or next update your will.

Do I have enough money to leave a gift in my Will?

Every gift, no matter its size, will help us continue our work to improve the experience of ageing.

Can I add a gift to the AAG Research Trust to my existing will?

Yes, it’s as simple as adding a codicil (an amendment to your existing will). We suggest you consult your legal advisor to assist you with this. 

How will my gift be used by the AAG Research Trust?

Your gift left for general purposes will provide the AAG Research Trust with the flexibility needed to respond to critical priorities in the future. For example, it could help us to advocate for and support researchers, practitioners and organisations to undertake and translate world-class research. If you would like your gift to go towards something specific, let us know.

Should I tell you once I’ve included a gift in my will?

You can tell us you’ve included a gift in your will if you want to. We’d love to hear from you if that’s what you choose, so we can thank you for your thoughtfulness. We can also keep you updated on our work.