National award for 2021 AAG Conference - Digital 


As the dust settles from the 55th AAG Conference held in Adelaide last week, we are reminded of the many benefits of face-to-face events. However, we’re proud of the virtual events we hosted in 2020 and 2021.

Like so many other events, COVID forced us to move to a virtual event platform for two conferences. The sudden and reactive shift to online conferencing brought many challenges, including a strong sense of ‘online saturation’. Following our first virtual conference in 2020, we realised we had to raise the level of interest and engagement with this kind of large online event. Together with our professional organisers, The Conference Manager, we devoted a significant amount of time and effort into creating an innovating platform that was visually attractive, professional and engaging, and offered true interactivity.

For the 2021 virtual conference, we used every element of the virtual platform to create an immersive online experience. We also adapted the technology for the art and photography online exhibition. This real point of difference was noted when our 2021 Virtual Conference recently won the award for Best Virtual Event Portal at the EventsAir RISE 2022 User Conference.