Advocating for a UN Convention on the Rights of Older Persons - 3 Mar 2022- Virtual Global Rally


Despite long standing principles and plans for action on the rights of older people, there is no dedicated global human rights treaty that protects their rights.

As an engaged partner through the EveryAGE Counts Steering Committee, AAG encourages you to participate with EveryAGE Counts and other individuals and organisations on 3rd March 2022 in the virtual Global Rally supporting the #AgeWithRights campaign, organised by GAROP (the Global Alliance on the Rights of Older People).

Take a look at the links provided and if you wish to join in the Global Rally, the immediate actions you could take include:

  • Your own social media on the day using the wealth of resources at this Global Rally link to help create a 'digital moment' in support of our call for a UN convention on 3rd March 2022.  We encourage you to take part by using tweets and graphics from the toolkit on 3rd March and asking followers to retweet to show their support for the #AgeWithRights campaign and help the message reach as many people as possible
  • You can also contact Levi Joule, EveryAGE Counts’ Social Media Specialist, at [email protected] if you would like to let him know that you will be active on social media on the day, so he can ensure that we share and promote your posts
  • Amplifying EveryAGE Counts social and mainstream media presence on the day

Thank you for your support

AAG was a founding member of the EveryAGE Counts national coalition to end ageism, and sits on the Campaign Steering Committee. We are a proud member of this diverse and growing coalition of organisations and individuals committed to achieving this important shift in the way we understand and experience growing older