Our Visual Identity

The Banksia dates back to the late 1970s when it was first adopted as a mark for the Australian Association of Gerontology (AAG). Like the AAG, the Banksia is uniquely Australian. The Banksia also represents the four life stages illustrating the cycle of life from birth to death on a single plant.

The new logo introduced in 2013 retains our strong history and association to the symbol of the Banksia. Our visual representation goes further to represent who we are as an association. Taking a bird’s eye view of the Banksia, the logo represents the coming together of a diverse group of professionals and the sharing of knowledge. With each spike of the Banksia being made up of hundreds of flowers, it also reflects our philosophy of multidisciplinary collaboration to provide a holistic understanding of the ageing process.

The vibrant red was adopted to aid recognition of the native plant whilst the flower's stylised stamen designed in a circular shape portrays the organisation's collaboration, diversity and reach. These changes were implemented following research with members and the wider profession.

The updated Banksia logo represents the values of AAG and reflects the unique characteristics of gerontology. It maintains and celebrates our history and heritage while appealing to tomorrow's professionals.