What is Gerontology ?

Gerontology is the study of ageing and older adults. A more complete definition of gerontology includes all of the following:


  • Scientific studies of processes associated with the bodily changes from middle age through later life.
  • Multidisciplinary investigation of societal changes resulting from an ageing population and ranging from the humanities to economics.
  • Applications of this knowledge to policies and programmes.

Gerontology is multidisciplinary and is concerned with physical, mental, and social aspects and implications of ageing. Geriatrics is a medical speciality focused on care and treatment of older persons.

Gerontologists include researchers, educators, policy makers and practitioners in health, allied health and aged care, as well as others engaged in ageing issues.

AAG’s membership includes gerontologists (including geriatricians) as well as other people with an interest in ageing.