To promote gerontological research in South Australia, the Australian Association of Gerontology SA Division is offering an award to researchers developing a research profile in gerontology. Students currently undertaking a PhD or those who have been awarded a PhD in the last five years, and who are currently residing in South Australia, are eligible to apply. 

The purpose of the award is to recognise the achievements of South Australian researchers, to encourage people to undertake and continue their research activities, and to encourage the dissemination and promotion of current research. 

The award is offered to researchers who have published or formally presented work in one of the following categories of research: 

Applied – original work undertaken in order to acquire new knowledge with a specific application in view. It is undertaken either to determine possible uses for the findings of basic research or to determine new methods or ways of achieving some specific and predetermined objectives.
Strategic – (in human services field) generates knowledge about specific health and well-being needs and problems. These may be conditions, risk factors or sources of inefficiency or inequity.

Evaluative – work designed to allow judgements to be made about a program, project or service. Evaluation uses a range of methods to monitor the process and impact of a project or program against predetermined objectives and indicators.

Fundamental/Basic – this research generates knowledge about problems of scientific significance. 

The award will include:

  • A certificate of achievement 
  • A prize of $1500 
  • One-year membership subscription to the AAG 
  • The opportunity to present a paper at the South Australian Gerontology (SAGe) Conference in 2024.

For further information or submission of applications: Associate Professor Rachel Ambagtsheer, Torrens University Australia, email: [email protected]


Download the criteria and application form here