AAG Grey Literature Library

The Australian Association of Gerontology's (AAG's) Grey Literature Library has been developed to further AAG’s purpose of improving the experience of ageing through connecting research, policy and practice by giving you access to the wealth of research, professional, practice and policy knowledge and expertise that is available within grey literature.

The Library can be utilised to broaden and review your knowledge via resources that exist outside of usual academic sources. It provides you with the opportunity to engage with a catalogue of relevant policy, webinars, fact sheets and reports (to name a few).

We have utilised the aged care diversity framework to categorise the resources for those of you who want to browse information on a particular group or topic area. Simply scroll down on the Library homepage and click on the icon that represents the topic you'd like to explore. For topics that exist outside of the diversity framework we have included the topic in our useful links section located at the bottom left of the home page. Alternatively for specific browsing, you can use the Library search function.

The Library also includes an icon to quickly browse resources related to COVID-19 and older people, including those that our members have contributed to and shared with AAG.

The Library is under development and we will continue to add our existing internal AAG grey literature databases to it (including resources included in past AAG Policy and Practice Updates), as well as include new resources. If you have a grey literature resource that you would like to see included, please email Chloe on [email protected]